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Strange Love is an unbelievable, wild and jaw dropping comedy directed by legendary comedic actor Carl Anthony Payne II starring some of our favorite social media comics, actresses and actors. Kountry Wayne plays Deshawn a husband desperately trying to please his wife Megan (Marquitta Goings) by improving their living conditions. Currently, the couple lives in a small apartment with noisy neighbors, falling cabinets and doors off the hinges. Deshawn finds the perfect house with a price that absolutely is too good to be true-although Megan is suspicious, Deshawn considers it a blessing. Once the couple move in, they learn the house is haunted and chaos breaks out.

If you follow the stories and/or skits across Kountry Wayne’s socials then Strange Love is more of what you already love about his projects; the relationship banter, quick wit, comedic timing and of course his BFF Mike Bless all captured in the Megamind produced film.

“I think we woke enough. I did this movie to make people laugh. Get back to the roots of how it all started” Wayne said during the cast Q&A=translation if you’re looking for a message of hope then keep scrolling. I’m joking-the movie does have a few endearing moments. For example, seeing the lengths, Deshawn goes to make his wife happy and Megan fighting the ratchet stripper ghost for her husband adds a substantive contrast to other parts of the story. You definitely will not see the plot twist at the end coming at all!

The movie is definitely for adults and includes some explicit topics and scenes but it is wrapped in-joke after joke so it is not to abrasive; the movie is comparable to White Chicks or Fifty Shades of Black.

The cast includes Rolonda Rochelle and Mike Bless…both are even funnier in the movie than in the skits with Erica Pinkett, Chantal Maurice and Ms. Juicy rounding out the cast. The cast spoke so favorably of one another during the cast Q&A-“working with the ladies was an absolute joy” and “working with Wayne and Mike is easy” emotionally said by Rochelle. The fun and energy during production made it’s on way screen. The film is the grown folks comedy we didn't know we needed-grab a cigar, your favorite adult beverage and enjoy!

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Make sure to stream Strange Love on Amazon.

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