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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Will Packer absolutely delivered one of the most entertaining Oscar ceremonies in a long time for some, really ever for me. Although "the slap" will define the 94th Academy Awards, the show had several entertaining highlights. We'll catch you up!


10. Meg the Stallion-We Don't Talk About Bruno Guest Appearance: Despite parents being painfully disappointed by the Houston rapper's cameo-Meg's performance was light, fun and full energy.

9. Regina Hall Covid Tests: Regina Hall calls several single men backstage to retake their Covid tests because their results were "lost" but it was giving Regina shooting her shot vibes and ends with her "patting down" presenter, Josh Brolin. Yes, PC Twitter had an issue with the unequal treatment of men, que the if a man would have done that to a woman tweets...we get it. Still funny!

8. Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes and Judy Dench: Sure, you didn't have this trio on your BINGO card-Hall and Sykes advising Dench, 87 to "work harder" based on a Kim Kardashian quote was hilarious even Dench laughed at the thought.

7. Will Smith wins Best Actor for King Richard: Probably lost a few of you but come back, its more. Yes, Will deserved the win. His portrayal of Richard Williams provided context into a man that was deemed arrogant and difficult during those years especially in the early days of Venus' career. Williams may have possessed those traits but through the movie we learn that was his way of protecting and loving his family.

6. #BlackTwitter recognized at the Oscars: Black Twitter has a standing appointment for the BET Awards but after their shout out during the opening monologue could the Oscars be added to the list??

5. FASHION! FASHION! FASHION: Yes, the names of top designers, accessories, glam and creativity showered the red carpet and after parties. We have to give it to #Zendaya totally jaw dropping, marrying a cropped silk men's shirt with a floor length skirt, Bulgari Serpenti Viper single and double coil bracelets completing the look with a nude beat and soft updo; an incredible display of effortless elegance, she wins the carpet.

4. WILL PACKER AND SHALYA COWAN led the first all black production team for the Academy Awards. Makes me proud to be a HBCU Grad! #willpackerproductions

3. MORE FIRSTS: #Beyonce receives her first Oscar nomination, 3 women hosted the highly regarded event, #ArianaDeBose is the first openly queer woman of color to win an acting Oscar, Yvett Merino is the first Latina producer to win an Oscar and Troy Kotsur is the first deaf man to win an acting Oscar.

2. THE HOSTS: Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes gave us the uncomfortable, cringe comedic moments, paired with some hard to define witty/laughable skits and scored bonus points for navigating the show after the you know...

1. BEYONCE REIGNS WITH KING RICHARD OPENING: Yes, we could take time to recognize Jane Campion being the 3rd woman to win an Oscar for Best Director-Power of the Dog or Coda winning Best Picture but not waiting all night for Beyonce's performance was a delightful surprise.


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