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Updated: Mar 28, 2022



“Love will make you do crazy things"-Will Smith

The Oscars and scandal aren't words often use in the same sentence but after Chris Rock was met with an open slap to the face from Will Smith, scandal was inevitable.

The Slap Heard Across the World

Celebrities are often roasted by the Oscar hosts for their bad movies, public spectacles and career embarrassing moments during the ceremony. Rarely do we see a presenter poke at a nominee (spouse or relative) especially one nominated for Best Actor but leave it to Brooklyn to change the game.

Chris Rock had one assignment, present the award for Best Documentary. Prior to introducing the category he tells an unsettling joke about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith bald head (Jada struggles with alopecia resulting in hair loss) that seemed to land at first, even Will laughed at the joke. However Jada's face was giving not amused at all causing Smith to calmly walk to stage and in the words of Rock..."slap the sh*t out" of him.

The television audience was thoroughly confused about the legitimacy of the incident but after Twitter users started to publish the unedited clips of the incident, we hear Smith yell to a stunned Rock "keep my wife's name out your fu*king mouth" needless to say YES, WILL SMITH SLAPPED THE SH*T OUT OF CHRIS ROCK!!

Just like a Hollywood movie, after being nominated three times Will Smith wins Best Actor for his portrayal of Richard Williams in King Richard. Smith gave a moving speech apologizing to his fellow nominees, The Academy but not Chris Rock. Some have speculated that Rock had it coming from past comments he made about the Smiths like during the 2016 Oscars, while others are disappointed by Smith's response to a joke. It was a painful scene to watch for all parties involved, including Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Jada followers are aware of her health challenges, imagine sitting in a room full of your peers and being teased for your appearance which is linked to a medical condition-has to hit different especially at THE ACADEMY AWARDS!

The differences in public opinion rivals the NBA GOAT debate (#KINGJAMES) as some view Smith's reaction as an overaction and should be penalized by The Academy while others applaud him for defending his wife despite the time and place however both groups seem to agree "if you don't start nothing, it wont be nothing."

Oh, it's a weird group that seems to think Smith would not slap a white comedian as if...

We never want to see people resort to physical attacks however people do crazy things for love so let's start being sensitive about things we do and say especially about Will's wife! The Academy will conduct a formal review of the incident.

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